Re: (meteorobs) Cloudy fireball detections!

On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, Ed Majden wrote:
>     Has anyone ever  recorded a short duration, (a few second), increase
> in sky brightness during a period when skies are overcast?  A very bright
> fireball above a cloud layer should create such a phenomenon I would think!

The all-sky video camera I operated (will start again at some point) did
record some fireball cloud "flashes".  These were identified by visual
examination of the video tapes after a bright fireball was reported.
Nowadays I would use Sirko Molau's MetRec, which would automatically record
such an event as a "FLASH".  I cannot stress too highly how impressive this
software is.  See the May S&T for more details, or the IMO Video web site.

Cheers, Rob

Rob McNaught

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