(meteorobs) Xi Draconids on meteorobs

Seeing mention of Xi Draconids in Bob Lunsford's weekly activity 
outlook for June 8-14, I looked at the online calendars of which
I'm aware and did not find them listed!  Then I went to Google 
and found that they were discussed at length in many meteorobs 
messages in June 1996:

http://www.tiacdot net/users/lewkaren/meteorobs/maillist-06-1996.html

I believe the threads began with an observing report by George 
Zay and a follow-up about the same night by Bob Lunsford:

June 12 - http://www.tiacdot net/users/lewkaren/meteorobs/msg00283.html
June 12 - http://www.tiacdot net/users/lewkaren/meteorobs/msg00298.html

It appears that the most detailed analyses were by Gary Kronk:

June 19 - http://www.tiacdot net/users/lewkaren/meteorobs/msg00358.html
June 20 - http://www.tiacdot net/users/lewkaren/meteorobs/msg00377.html
June 21 - http://www.tiacdot net/users/lewkaren/meteorobs/msg00388.html

and finally Bob Lunsford submitted a summary:

June 22 - http://www.tiacdot net/users/lewkaren/meteorobs/msg00396.html

I found it to be a very interesting discussion!  For recent 
arrivals, it should be noted that the 1996 messages predate the 
Yahoo/eGroups archive, which begins with January 1997.

Also discussed that month were the June Lyrids.  

In following up on some things, I also found via Google that in 
at least a few places online the June Bootids are called the June 

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http://wwwvms.utexasdot edu/~ecannon/aka-date.htm

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