Re: (meteorobs) The formulae of ZHR

Hi everybody !

I found a third fomula of ZHR in the NAMN Guide. It seems to have similarities
with this:

> ZHR=HR/[r^(Lm-6.5)*cos(z)^1.47]  (in the calendar, and it was said it's from
> IMO)

The formula is ZHR = ((HR) * r^(1 - lm - 6.5)) / sin (h)
Is it the same ?

Furthermore, I had another question. Pierre Martin and Robert Lunsford sent two
reports on meteorobs stating that they had plotted several June Lyrids and
Xi-Bootids. Pierre Martin even wondered if something wasn't happening. I'm
wondering too. These two showers weren't included in IMO working list of meteor
showers, that indicates that their activity must be very low ( I mean ZHR<1 or 2
during the maximum ), but these two observers noticed a better ZHR than that
(Bob Lunsford observed 2 JLY, and 1 XBO; Pierre Martin said he had plotted
several JLY and XBO), although they didn't observe during the maximum. Is
something happening?

Clear skies !


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