(meteorobs) Xi Draconids

I have from time to time been trying to observer from my light polluted
back yard.  the other night I did just that.  I saw one meteor that fit
the radiant of Xi Draconids but it was so bright that I didn't think I
could be correct or some one would have mentioned that they were so
bright.  I have been waiting for some other reports for comparison but
none have come, so I will hazard the humiliation of being told that I am

Observer:  Robert Gardner (GARRO)
Location:  Sierra Madre, CA, USA
                Latitude: 34o 09min 55sec
                Longitude: 118o 03min 32sec
                Altitude:  800 ft.
Method: tape recorder and talking clock.
Date:  12/13 June 2,001
The LM of all the observations were 3.5 at the zenith fading rapidly to
undeterminable limits further down.
I had less than  50% of the sky visible due to trees and buildings.

Facing NE at +60o elevation
5:35 UTC
6:30 UTC Saw no meteors.

Facing NNE at +85o elevation
8:25 UTC        saw two second magnitude sporadic
8:55 UTC

8:55 UTC  Saw one Xi Draconid  which was easily -1.5 magnitude.
9:25 UTC  Its trace was white and I saw no trail though I am not quite
sure what you folks mean by a trail.

This meteor aligned unusually well with the radiant  and if this does
not fit the normal description of a Xi Draconid then it is a chance

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