RE: (meteorobs) June Bootids

The night before last, I was out testing my new all-sky camera, waiting to
change some settings and just lying on my back and looking up, when I saw a
really short (2-3 degree) meteor, pretty bright, about -1 to -2m close to
the zenith. Only when I heard about the June Bootids for the first time in
my life yesterday, I remembered that meteor and realized, it must have been
one. Checking back last night, I saw that the spot I saw the meteor was
indeed coming from the correct radiant! Cool!!! :-) Imagine the meteor being
a few degrees closer to the radiant, or the observer being a bit further
away - it would have been a point meteor!

> At 06:30 UT I turned on my side to look a bit further east away from the
> glare but soon fell asleep. I woke some 5 hours later totally soaked

I know that - happened when I was out watching aurora when there was a drop
in activity. I was in the municipal park and had the cameras standing there!
It was a bench I decided to rest on - wonder what passing people would have
thought, but I doubt anyone was out at 1AM!


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