(meteorobs) Observing Summary 27/28 June 2001 from NE USA (GRALE)

Once again last night, the June Bootids (and all other showers) were quiet,
looking out from Southern New England - at least through about 2:30 Local.

Myself, Aaron Price of AAVSO and ATMoB, and the ever vigilant Mike Aramini,
all met up for a short weeknight meteor observing session last night. Our
trio of stalwarts arrived at ATMoB's Dennis Milon Observing Field and Tom
Britton Clubhouse around midnight. We watched the sanguinary moon set, as
we prepared ourselves for a night of skeeter-swatting and meteor watching.

(I regretted leaving my mosquito coil stash at home last night as the wee
suckers seemed noticeably worse than they were two nights back - being at
times numerous enough to distract me from recording meteors.)

I was actually able to begin counting before moonset: a convenient swath
of haze or high clouds, combined with the ancient phalanx of trees West
of Milon Field, reddened and blinded the late-night moon well enough to
make the salty Cygnus Milky Way clearly visible by 12:30.


Meteor Summary:

Observing Session: 27/28 June 2001, 0428 - 0602 UT. Breaks 12 mins.
Observing site: 071:30 W, 42:37 N, 85m elev. IMO Site Code: 25282.
Counting Method, using clipboard. Deadtime 5 sec / meteor deducted.

Average cloud cover 0% throughout session. Seeing was 7 out of 10
throughout. Center of Field = 10o North of Rasalhague (Alpha Oph).

PERIOD(UT) FIELD   LM   Teff   F     SAG JBO SPOR                   TOTAL
Non-IMO ("sporadic") radiants:                     taq ant nax sax
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
0428-0602  265+20  6.25 1.33h  1.00  3   1   10                      14
                                                    0   3   1   0

Showers watched for:
    SAG = Sagitarids (ecliptical complex), JBO = June Bootids
    taq=Tau Aquarids (DMS), ant=Anthelion sporadic "radiant" (=SAG),
    nax=Northern Apex and sax=Southern Apex sporadic "radiants"

Average magnitudes will have to await my full IMO report. But unlike two
nights ago, there were two mag 0 meteors to keep me alert & intrigued this
night, both Sporadics, and both with either a wake or train and some color.

Clear skies all,
Lew Gramer (GRALE)

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