(meteorobs) June Bootids attempt, plus comet obs

The morning of the June Bootids maximum (June 27) I went to a 
suburban location and was able to do 62 minutes Teff (between
7:10 and 8:27) before I was clouded out.  The sky was mediocre 
at best with very high humidity and haze, so LM was maybe 
+4.5.  I saw eight sporadics during the session, plus I had 
two question-marks ("maybe I saw one, but maybe not").  None 
of them seemed to match JBO radiant at all.  A couple of them 
seemed to track back to Lyra.  My location was pretty near 
30.3157 north, 97.8663 west, 280 meters elevation.

The last two mornings from here at 30 degrees north I've been
fortunate enough to be able to see Comet C/2001 A2 (LINEAR) in
mediocre conditions using only my 10x50 binoculars.  Once I got
away from the worst streetlights, it was fairly easy to see.
It's been under-reported.  I just realized a couple of days ago
that I probably could have seen it a week ago.  But there's a 
story about it today on the http://www.spaceweather.com site.
Daily ephemeris is available from Minor Planet Center:

http://cfa-www.harvarddot edu/iau/Ephemerides/Comets/2001A2_1.html

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