Re: (meteorobs) 2002 : Clear Skies, Clear Minds, Clear Hearts

    I echo Chuck Ferriday's 12/31/2001 New Year's Message for the Group, our (various member)Countries, and our "Island Home"
with all my heart.        Sincerely, Sara V. Otto.
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Subject: (meteorobs) 2002 : Clear Skies, Clear Minds, Clear Hearts

2002 - - Clear Skies, Clear Minds, Clear Hearts
In 2001 we saw the dark clouds of war; the
pallor of pain; the horror of intricately planned,
coldly implemented mass murders;
we see the end of 2001 as a somber half-life
of the hopeful expectations that existed at
year beginning.
We offer prayers....for a peaceful heavenly future...
for those who gave their lives, either unwittingly or
while planning to save others, during the hours and
days, and months, following September 10, 2001.
We offer prayers....for hope and wholeness....for
those who lost loved ones and friends in the aftermath
of September 10, 2001.
We offer prayers...of strength and healing and
sleepful nights....for those injured....dot because
they have seen fear and horror that few but
military combatants ever see.
- - - -
Two Thousand Two......2002
The year that begins, and ends, on the same value.
That value?  A combination of Love, hope, healing, homeland security, patience, justice, faith......
and 2s...you and me, caring about each other.
Clear Skies????  
You betcha !!!!!
Happy 2002.