(meteorobs) Quads much weaker FRI AM KS USA report

As a surprise and treat for the Midwest we got two in a row this
year clear.  I attempted to duplicate my count periods again this AM,
but arrived 8 minutes later and got started at 458 local CST am on
Fri. the 4th of January.  UT is 1058.  Weather was nicer than Thur AM,
-2 to -3 C, had a 10 MPH wind to deal with and used the car effectively
for both that and the moon (which I thought was worse on me than the 
night b-4 closer to the radiant).

My counts follow -
z.s.               Facing
458-520 am local CST time - 1 Quad, 1 Sporadic     5.0           NNE @ 45 d.
520-620 am   "        "      "   - 4 Quad, 1 NPX, 4 S    5.1             NE @ 
45 d.
620-635 am    "       "       "   - 1 Quad, 1 NPX          5.0-4.3 twi.  NE@  
50 d.

NPX is COM by IMO terminology.
Both Northern Apex were 3rd mag. and long and swift.
I stayed into the morning twilight just hoping for one bright Quad
and got shut out.  Quads were 2nd mag (BlueWhite), 4+, 2, 3, 3, &
Mag. 4,  no trains.  A Mag. +1 Sporadic, very rapid in the N was the
only one over +2 the whole period.

Just for the ones of you wondering if I did the clock facing thing with
the Quads again, (I did!) - 1 each at the facings on the clock of 4, 6, 7, 
8, 9, & 10.  this is the facing I saw the Quad in looking directly at the
radiant, I had to extrapolate the first & nicest Quad of the night since
I was looking to the N of the true radiant.

I myself could not believe the considerable let-down off the previous
morning rates.  Been since 1990 I have seen them.  Way back in
'76 the Quads were about even on both dates w/6.75 hours split
about evenly I had 59 in 6.75 hrs.  This time, 2002, they were "revving 
up" nicely when I got the 15 an hour and 4 more into the twilight for 
:15 more minutes.  Just spoilt I guess on rates per hour after the fall.

I will not even hazard a guess when our area will get a 2 day period
on the 3rd and 4th of Jan. clear again, hope it is 2005!

Regards from OZ,

Bert Matous

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