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From: Chris Crawford <chriscrawford@wavedot net>
> I'm not so pessimistic, Ed. The Sony ExView HAD sensor is sensitive enough
> that we can dispense with image intensifiers. My own work with a camera
> based on this CCD shows that I can get down to magnitude 5.0 with a 9mm
> f/1.4 lens covering 32 by 24 degrees -- 768 square degrees. I believe that
> if I use a 4mm f/1.4 lens, I can get down to magnitude 4.0 while covering
> by 54 degrees -- nearly 4,000 square degrees. Five of these cameras could
> cover the sky. The camera, power supply, and lens can be had for $220, so
> the entire sky could be covered for $1100.


    Technologically, what you say is possible.  You state that an entire sky
system would cost around $1100.  Your forgetting the $2000 to $3000+ cost
for the computer, one required for each camera in the system.  To be
effective one would also need several stations scattered across the country
or the world to collect this data.  In this day and age, getting money for a
"pure" research project is like extracting water from a rock.  At least it's
that way it is in Canada and I expect this is similar in the U.S.A.  If I
win a big lottery, I'll gladly fund a station! ;-)  I don't think the visual
observer has much to worry about, at least not in the near future.


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