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Hi, Bob,

Just one small question: I do not understand why the "one day" is so important.

We observed the Leonids in China in last November, and saw the second peak (Asian Peak). The maximum for our local time is just on November 18/19, instead of 17/18. I think that there seems to be no difference on the date. ;)

All the best,
Huan Meng

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> Peter and All,
> I expect rates to be quite low (less than 10/hr) on either side of 
> maximum activity. The bright moon will certainly not help! One must 
> remember that the night of maximum activity will be November 18/19 this 
> year and not 17/18 as it has been in year's past. That one day will make 
> a big difference!
> Bob Lunsford


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