(meteorobs) Observation July 4/5


   Greetings from Fokovci! I'm at an astronomical camp here,
and I've spent two nights for meteors so far. This is the report
for the first night, I've misplaced the report for the second night
in the chaos here. I'll post it once I find it!
   Anyway, the first night was absolutely excellent! Clear skies,
washed by a couple of days rain, a good rural site and good activity
made this night very enjoyable. The highlight was a bluegreen -1.5m
sporadic with a 2 second train. Many faint sporadics.

The summary:
Period		F	teff	LM		SAG	Spor
20:40-21:40UT	1.00	1.00	7.05		0	26
21:40-22:40UT	1.00	1.00	7.36		1	25
23:00-23:41UT	1.00	0.68	7.02		0	23

Magnitude distribution:
SAG: +3(1)
Spor: -2(0.5) -1(1.5)  0(3) +1(2) +2(14.5) +3(14.5) 
      +4(16) +5(13) +6(9)

Bortle class estimate: Class 3 (Rural sky)

Clear skies!

Jure A.

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