(meteorobs) Observation July 15/16 (KACJA)


I observed again on July 15/16. There was no rain for about a week so the
sky was a bit washed out, but still worth observing.
Meteor activity was comparable to that from the previous nights. 16
meteors were recorded in 1 hour Teff. Only shower members from Southern
Delta Aquarids and Sagittarids were seen besides sporadics. Again, all
meteors were relatively faint.

Clear skies!

Date: July 15/16, 2002
Begin 23h 04m UT. End: 00h 10m UT.
Place: Kopaonik, Yugoslavia
Location: 20 48' E, 43 20' N, 1790 m
Observer: Javor Kac (KACJA)

Period (UT)  Field  Teff   F   Lm  SAG PER CAP SDA Spor
23:04-00:10 275 +30 1.05 1.00 6.40  1   0   0   2   13

Magnitude distributions:
SAG: +3(1)
SDA: +2 (0.5) +3(1.5)
Spor: +1(1) +2(1) +3(4.5) +4(5.5) +5(1)

Bortle Sky Class: 3

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