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Title: Re: (meteorobs) Perspective
You will have to exscuse me a minute Lew while I go off topic for a minute to thank Kearn for this posting.  One thing is for sure, the tragedy and meteor doldurms sure does have us all suddenly laking a-lot.
Jeff Wilson
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........ instead of attempting to heal the broken and diseased bodies of men who have already lived, and for the most part, abused that privilege by contaminating their bodies and bringing forth the cancer and heart disease unto which they will eventually succumb.....

GEEZ!! ...GULP!!! OMG!!.... there's not much hope for me then!!!!!! ...

Kearn Jones

P.S. ...dot it would be good if you at least made yourself up a good pretend name to hide behind AsilC001. Especially if want to be taken seriously when you next feel the need to point out what's right / wrong with the world  from your high horse of morality.