(meteorobs) Re: Weekly Meteor Activity Outlooks

Thomas and All,

The weekly outlooks will still be posted on meteorobs. The only 
difference will be the appearance.

Clear Skies!


Thomas Dorman wrote:
> Hi. Robert
> Does this mean that meteorbs will no longer carry your
> weekly outlooks.I do enjoy reading them and use them
> to keep up with on going meteor showers.If this is the
> case I would hope you would change your mind,this
> reader appreciates your work.
> Best Regards
> Thomas Dorman
> Far West Texas Skywatcher
>  <lunro.imo.usa@coxdot net> wrote:
>>Due to several complaints from readers I will no
>>longer be presenting my 
>>weekly meteor activity outlooks in html format. You
>>just cannot please 
>>Bob Lunsford

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