(meteorobs) B.C. Fireball reporting.

    I have recently taken over as unofficial coordinator of the Sandia
Bolide Detection Network located on Vancouver Island and Washington State.
We would appreciate anyone observing fireballs over B.C. and adjacent U.S.
States to report these to me so I can alert our all-sky camera operators to
check their video tapes.  Information required, is your location, date of
observation, time of the event (+/- 10 minutes accuracy is fine), your time
zone, (PST, MST, PDT etc).  Tapes are generally kept for about a week before
they are re-used so we need this information as soon as possible.  In
addition to this, we have an interview network in place.  When a major
fireball event occurs these volunteer interviewers are alerted so they can
go out and do in-situ interviews of people that report seeing the fireball.
The required measurements are taken so a possible ground track and fall area
can be arrived at.
In order to calculate this we need reports from observers of both sides of
the track.
Anyone interested in joining this "volunteer" interview team should contact
me.  We need more people doing this over mainland and northern British

Ed Majden - MIAC Associate
Sandia Bolide Detection Station - Courtenay, B.C.

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