(meteorobs) REPOST: Tips for Emailing Your Meteor Reports!

Just to reiterate a previous reminder... If you wish to
post your summary observing reports of the Perseid peak,
please be sure to format your email using simple rules:

 1) Send your report in the body of your email - NOT
    as any sort of attachment, even "text" attachment.

 2) Do NOT use HTML or RTF format: always use flat text

 3) If you have a choice of fonts (which you should NOT
    if you are really using Plain Text format), then be
    sure you use a FIXED WIDTH font - e.g., Courier.

 4) Use spaces where ever possible - never tabs.

 5) If you aren't SURE that your format is fixed-width,
    then don't use tables for magnitude distributions,
    observing period summaries, or individual meteors:
    instead, use comma- or semicolon-separated lists.
    That way, even if your format does not line up, we
    will be able to understand your data unambiguously.

 6) Summary reports are always welcome on 'meteorobs'.
    But if you have many reports (or one long report),
    try not to send ALL of your details to 'meteorobs':
    our list will be very busy this next few days, and
    too many Detailed Meteor Reports (with individual
    meteors detailed in them) could clog up our server.

Clear skies to all for the Perseid peak!

Lew Gramer <owner-meteorobs@meteorobs.org>

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