(meteorobs) OT- Shuttle Theory



  I have posted a few doc’s on a web page concerning the re-entry and new data I have come across. This is ONLY my opinion and not fact.  If you want to, have a look and see for your self. I will not be able to respond to any e-mails until Tuesday , after 3:00pm today. Let me say first that I feel uneasy doing this and am not trying to stir things up. Only find the answers. This is a rough draft, my brain is full. The debris time line is from NASA’s Early Sighting Assessment Teams Final Report and was sent to me by Nasa. I have scanned it as I found no copyright info so I included in it. I couldn’t get my stills or my son’s video to fit the data NASA was posting. My son’s video was used as 1 of 2 videos (out of 140+) that had a celestial reference in them. I believe that the star in the video was mistaken as my doc show. I have been wrong in the past and will be in the future. I hope in a way that I am now.  Anyone interested can e-mail me at dschmutz@infowest.com and put sts-107 in the subject. I will send you the link. Please respond only to the dschmutz@infowest.com  others will get no response.  



Doug Schmutz