(meteorobs) Interesting event in Peru?

Dear All,

Here is on-line (a little bit cleaned up) translation from Russian into
English from
2004-02-05 09:25 UFO fell in Peru.
 In one of the distant regions of Peru a drop in the unidentified luminous
object occurred. On this reported the leader of the geophysical university
of the department Of arekipa. The push by the force of 3,5 marks according
to Richter's scale was registered on Monday in one of the regions of this
department. Local residents rang into the university and reported that
before the push they saw a drop in the "luminous sphere". Then strong blow
was heard and a column of dust rose. Towards the point of impact UFO is
directed the group of scientists. Possibly, the discussion deals with a drop
in the large meteorite, reports agency EFE.

Any details?

Best wishes,
Andrei Ol'khovatov
Russia, Moscow

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