(meteorobs) Possible "missile-like" fireball over NY on Saturday?

This was e-mailed to me earlier today (Monday).  Anybody see this?
-- joe rao
This past Saturday night, at about 7:30pm, I was walking west on Austin Street in Forest Hills, NY when  l saw what I thought at first was some kind of missle. It was traveling extremely fast and at a downward pitch. It was glowing brightly and enveloped in a green glow that also trailed it. It was not my imagination, because my (scientist) boyfriend saw it also, and we were flabbergasted. He said it must be a meteoroid, but as I think about it, that couldn't be because it would have burned up upon entering the earth's atmosphere, wouldn't it?  We were sure it would be in the papers or on the tv news, but it wasn't
Have you had any reports of this. It was Valentine's night, surely plenty of others must have seen it.

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