Re: (meteorobs) Interesting amateur meteoritics research in Utah USA!

At 01:51 PM 2/17/04 -0500, Lewis J. Gramer wrote:
>Well, this may be slightly off-topic for our
>list, but I really enjoyed this Website. :)
>   http://planet.state.ut.us/METEOR01.HTML
>Clear skies, and good luck in Utah!
>Lew Gramer <owner-meteorobs@meteorobs.org>
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When I was little, I used to climb on the roof of a garage behind our house 
after a snow storm and make lunar craters by dropping large chunks of snow 
from a height of about 15 feet onto the undisturbed snow on the ground. The 
results were craters which, to my young, inexperienced eyes, looked very 
much like lunar craters complete with ejecta and central peaks.


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