(meteorobs) Fw: Large meteor on 2/22/04 @ ~ 20.30 EST

If anyone else witnessed this fireball please share your report with myself
and Mark Davis at meteors@comcastdot net


Bob Lunsford

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> Hi,
> I was wondering about a huge meteor that I saw last night.  If anyone else
> noticed it or it showed up on a radar or something?  I am a student pilot
> and was flying around the pattern with my instructor when we noticed a
> pretty big ball of fire moving across the sky and falling toward the
> I am from Worcester Massachusetts and from my vantage point the fireball
> entered the sky at about 290 degrees and disappeared at about 240 degrees,
> we estimated that we saw it start at about 80,000 feet and it fell
> all the way till about 25,000 feet ASL.  I have seen plenty of meteor
> showers in my life but this was the only time that I ever saw the outline
> the meteor, and then a fire trail to follow.  It seemed to be about the
> of dime when compared to the windshield of the air plane.  A cesna 152.
> only did we see it but the ATC tower called us to see if we saw it as
> It traversed a great distance in about 2 seconds.  Also at the moment that
> it stopped burning or glowing it seemed that there was a significant
> of meteor still intact.  I would assume that (if it did land) it landed
> either in the gulf of mexico or in one of the southern states near there.
> However I could be wrong.  But I was just curious if you heard any other
> reports.
> Thanks for you time
> Andrew

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