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NetAstroCatalog -
a mailing list for "deep sky" observers of all levels

netastrocatalog - Email access to IAAC

Submitting Observations Retrieving Observations Subscribing and Unsubscribing Standard Email Observation Form

To post OBSERVATIONS ONLY to the netastrocatalog list, just send an email to the following address: netastrocatalog@visualdeepsky.org

The format for observations is described below... Or you may use the IAAC Observing Log Web form to enter your observing logs!

All observation logs sent to the mailing list are distributed to all subscribers, and then stored in the IAAC archive accessible on the World Wide Web at: http://www.visualdeepsky.org/netastrocatalog/maillist.html

The (large) IAAC Web archive is also searchable by catalog and ID number! Use this simple Web search form... Or you may retrieve the results of a general *keyword search* of the observation archive, by emailing the address majordomo@visualdeepsky.org with a message containing the following commands:

grep netastrocatalog <your-keyword-here> end Or to actually retrieve all the HTML files returned by 'grep', use: a message containing the following commands: retrieve netastrocatalog <your-keyword-here> end

NOTE: PLEASE NEVER SEND *ANYTHING* OTHER THAN OBSERVING LOGS to the 'netastrocatalog' mailing list address! This address is exclusively for deep-sky observations! Subscribe or unsubscribe requests should be sent to majordomo, and all other discussion or information posts should be sent to announce.

To subscribe or unsubscribe netastrocatalog (along with the 'netastrocatalog-announce' discussion list), please send an email message to the address: majordomo@visualdeepsky.org
with your name and your e-mail address in one of the following formats: subscribe netastrocatalog myaddress@my.domain.net end Or: unsubscribe netastrocatalog myaddress@my.domain.net end

Or you may use the IAAC Subscription Web Form.

All other posts (including announcements, discussion, questions, etc.) should be emailed to the "announce" list at the following address: netastrocatalog-announce@visualdeepsky.org

Here is a standard email log-entry form you can use for observations: To: netastrocatalog@visualdeepsky.org Subject: <object-name> - <instrument used to observe> ----cut here---- Observer: Your skill: Date and UT of observation: Location & latitude: Site classification: Limiting magnitude (visual): Seeing (1 to 5 - best to worst): Moon up (phase?): Instrument: Magnification: Filters used: Object: Category: Constellation: Object data: RA/DE: Description: ----cut here----

Or of course, you may use our IAAC Observing Log Web form to enter your observing logs!

Clear skies!
Lew Gramer <dedalus@alum.mit.edu>