(IAAC) Format for submission subject lines

Howdy, all. Thanks for the submissions that have been coming in! As soon as it 
clears here in New England (maybe tonight!), I hope to add a few of my own.

A quick note on submissions: Please try to put some info about what your report 
is about in the Subject line of your email to netastrocatalog. For instance, if 
you observed M31 with a 6" f/8 reflector, you might try a subject line such as:

Subject: OBS M31 (Andromeda Galaxy), 6" f/8 Newtonian

All this is optional of course, but when we archive your submissions, they'll 
get displayed by subject line, so this will be a handy way of referencing them. 
(At minimum, try to put the name or catalog # of your object in the Subject.)

Thanks, and keep the observations rolling in!

Lew Gramer