Re: (IAAC) Object: M53, Instrument: 16" Dob; LM: 5

>Still more great obs, Todd! Looks like we were out observing at the same
time, too! Did you miss the Cirrus that swept through after 4:30? Ruined my
hopes of viewing Hale-Bopp with a new 5" RFT refractor...

I saw it coming just after I stopped! Didn't have time to view H-B. Will try
next week, I may have an ETX to try it with. It is below the treeline at my
house proper.

>Hopefully, I'll get a few minutes today or tonight (if it's cloudy) to post
some obs - I was poking around the Leo galaxy cluster for about an hour and
a half last night... Gosh are the rods in my eyes tired. :)

Your M65/M66/NGC3268 obs were fantastic.. much more complete than earlier
obs. that you posted on the web page. I was not able to pick out quite as
much detail as you, on those objects in Leo.

LEW: How can I get my obs posted to the web page? I didn't see them there. 

I also viewed an object this morning that I have to get back to that you all
will love..

NGC 4631.. Looks similar in some ways to NGC891, but no distinct dark lane.
Lots of mottling, requires a second look. 

Also viewed M108, definite star just off center. Also viewed M97, definite
two "eyes" on the owl, improved with all nebula filters. Also viewed M13 in
the binoviewer ----------- COMPLETELY split despite the (non-apparent) light
loss. Really magnificent using a binoviewer when there is enough light to do
the work. 

Thanks Lew, and everyone.

- Todd
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