(IAAC) The INTER-SOL Program

Dear fellow astronomers,

this one might be of interest for Sun spectators.

The INTER-SOL Program (ISP) has been established by Reinhard Wiechoczek
- also founder of the Public Observatory Paderborn, Germany - in the year of
1977 after several preparatory tests during 1976.

1) Surveying the different Sunspot phenomena, IS (INTER-SOL Index)
   should give more detailed information about the activity than the
   common international SIDC (Brussels) which is deriving just one
   concluding Sunspot number "R".

2) IS should be comparable to terrestrial statistics of any kind for
   possible research of solarterrestrial phenomena. The task of ISP
   is to draw up a document of the Sun activity. Since most of the
   terrestrial statistics dealing with all aspects of life are based
   on monthly or yearly terms, the IS data are smoothed to means out
   of three terrestrial months.

3) IS is also a fascinating facility of cooperation for amateurs and
   professionals around the world. The intention is to realize a Sun
   spectators' network in all continents.

4) Facing all the giant scientific investigations - earth-bound as weIl
   as operating in space - we must be aware of ISP not being of professional
   but amateur character. Nevertheless ISP is of serious and severe purpose.

Any experienced Sun spectators are welcome to join the international IS-Team.

If you would like to receive additional information about ISP, please contact
me at the following address: LosAlegros@aol.com


Raoul Fiebig

Paderborn Public Observatory - Germany - 52.45o N - 8.42o E - 119m above sea