Re: (IAAC) Upcoming Research Observing Opportunity

At 01:59 AM 3/20/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Observation Opportunity Toward Analysis of the Atmosphere of Io
>It would seem that no one has ever predicted any mutual eclipses 
>of the Four Great Moons of Jupiter.  Discovering this, I attacked 
>this immensely complex problem in 1996.  After several months of 
>calculations, computer processing, and cross-checking, I came up 
>with a series of predictions.  A group of events will occur during 
>1997, with the next such series late in 2002.
Hi Carl

I found your message very interesting and have forwarded it to my friend Don
Davies who does have a spectrograph here on the west coast.   He has his own
web page at http://www.loop.com/~raethrasher, which you may be interested in
looking up.

We belong to the South Bay Astronomy Club, in Torrance, CA.  I am editor of
our club Newsletter, called "First Light" and am interested in including any
information you can let me have on the subject.   I am sure many of our
members will use their scopes to check out these Jovian satellite eclipses.  

You can find our club web page at http://www.meteorite.com/sbas.

Best wishes
Ron Rennie