(IAAC) Re: SUBSCRIBE netastrocatalog

Welcome to the netastrocatalog! Sit back, relax and read some of the
contributions to the list. Then once you feel a little more comfortable,
please feel free to try sending in YOUR OWN observing reports. Because
that's what the netastrocatalog is for: storing and distributing the
deep-sky observations of amateurs like you and I!

The 'netastrocatalog' is designed especially for BOTH the very experienced
deep-sky expert and the brand new observer, so don't be shy if you're just
starting out! Again, to post an observation to the subscribers on the list,
and have it entered into the IAAC archive, just send it as an email to:

In the Subject: line of your posting, try to mention at least the name of
the object (Messier number, common name, whatever), and what you observed
with (your eyes, 7x50 binoculars, an 8" f/8 Newtonian, etc.)

Also, note that there's a Web archive of the netastrocatalog! You can
peruse your own and all other 'catalog entries by pointing your browser at:

Lastly, if the flow of mail from 'netastrocatalog' gets to be too much,
keep in mind that there is also a "digest" version of the list! One message
a day, packed with all the observations for that day in an easy-to-read
format. If you're interested in the digest, let me know. And again,

Lew Gramer

PS: I'll be posting some of my own long-overdue observation logs in a day
or two (next cloudy evening!) Mean time, happy comet & deep-sky viewing to