(IAAC) Re: netastrocatalog digest #70

Thanks for the message Firefly! I managed to get out with a 5" f/5 under some very dark skies exactly once last week, and once or twice since then under NOT very dark skies (my backyard). I'll post some observing reports from these sessions soon. I also have a backlog of observations from a session with the 20" in March - navigating the Coma Galaxy Cluster among others! I'll try to get those out as soon as I can. Mean time, I encourage anyone else with observing logs to share to post at least one object, just to get your feet wet!

Clear skies,
Lew Gramer

>Dear Stargazers,
>I haven't gotten any messages from folks on this list -- I'd like to see=20
>more of what's going on out there. =20
>Anyone been stargazing lately?
>Clear Skies,