Re: (IAAC) SPAM from the list

>So what do you all think?  I agree with what he is saying as
>I would rather it be as open as possible.  But then again
>SPAM will make the list progressively more useless until
>there is nobody left subscribed.  It's happened before.
>The suggestion that the list be configured to reject postings
>without a certain tag in the subject line sounds like a good one
>and should work.  Would the list send tell them to put it in if
>they hadn't?  That should still be ok I think since they usually
>blindly send the stuff out with no manual intervention.

I think that starting with OBJECT: or OBJ: is the way to go indeed. I don't
even think it is necessary
to have an automatic response that indicates this is necessary. An
occasional reminder sent to the list
would suffice

- Todd
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