Re: (IAAC) Subscribe/Unsubscribe problems with netastrocatalog!

Please unsubscribe me, thank you.

Bill Leonard

On Mon, 18 Aug 1997 16:16:11 -0400, you wrote:

>Due to an unavoidable file archive error, several individuals may have
>gotten resubscribed to the 'netastrocatalog' and 'netastrocatalog-announce'
>who did NOT wish to be. If you are currently subscribed to
>'netastrocatalog' (which also means you are subscribed to
>'netastrocatalog-announce'), and you do NOT wish to be, please respond to
>this message. Thanks!
>List of possible inadvertent resubscribers:
> Michael Rapp <mrapp@mail.utexas.edu>
> Tommykid@aol.com
> gustsosa626@CANTVNW1.cantv.net (Gustavo Sosa)
> "Chase, Ryan" <rchase@wad.comm.harris.com>
> Bill Leonard <bleonard@execpc.com>
> "Novi Irawan" <NOVI136@cyberlib.itb.ac.id>