(IAAC) Object: Epsilon Lyrae, Inst: 7x35's

Observer: Jonathan Wojack
Your skills: Beginning
Date and UT of Observation:  1997 July 13, 0202-0217 
Location: 75.33.00 W  39.45.00N  100M elevation (Wilmington, DE, 
Site classification: city
Limiting magnitude: (zenith) +4.5
Seeing: 5 out of 10, 100% clear 
Moon up, phase: Yes, 1st quarter, setting 
Instrument: 7x35's
Magnification: 7x  
Filters used: None
Object: Epsilon, Epsilon1, and Epsilon2 Lyrae 
Category: Double Stars 
Constellation: Lyrae
Data: Epsilon:  208" seperation, both magnitude +5.  Epsilon1:  2.8" 
seperation, magnitudes +5.5 and +6.5.  Epsilon2:  2.2" seperation, 
magnitudes +5 and +5.5. 
RA/DEC:  18 hours, 42.7 minutes.  39 degrees and 37 minutes north 
(Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Volume Two) . 
Description:  The classical double-double was easily found in 
binoculars, although I only split Epsilon, of course.  Quite 
impressive in binoculars.