Re: (IAAC) M71 20 inch Dob-Newtonian

Hi, Nick. Todd mentioned that there was a good, short article in this month's 
Sky & Telescope (or Astronomy?) about objects that can be located within M31.

But probably the best reference I've seen so far (in terms of most deep-sky 
observing!) is the _Observing Handbook and Catalog of Deep Sky Objects_, from 
Cambridge University Press(?), by Chris Luginbuhl and Brian Skiff.

Luginbuhl&Skiff contains a high-resolution, relatively-deep color photograph of 
M31, with some tens of globular clusters, OB associations, open clusters, and 
HII regions pointed out and identified: very handy!

This book also has similar internal charts for M33 and (if I remember right?) 
M101, and maybe even some of the brighter Local Group dwarfs. The Webb Society 
Handbook Vol 4 on galaxies also has a chart of HII regions within M101.