(IAAC) Observations.

I was able to go to the Mt. Cuba Astron. Obs. on Monday night.  Had a 
miniature star party(two 'scopes).  Saw M45 through a 17.5" reflector 
at 100x.  O.K.  Seemed just as good as in my 6" reflector.
Saw Saturn through a 8" S-C at 50x.  O.K.  Better in my 'scope.
Saw M57 through the 17.5" reflector at 150x.  AWESOME!  Was able to 
see a "hole" in the ring for the first time!  IT WAS BRIGHT!  And it 
even appeared 3-D!  In mine, it looks like a globe at the limit of 
Saw Alberio through the 8" S-C at 50x.  O.K.  Better in my 'scope.

1.  I do not recommend a S-C for anything except astrophotography.
2.  Light buckets are awesome!