Re: (IAAC) Problems with Lumicon Sky Vector (and ASTRO)

At 01:36 PM 12/9/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Please forgive me going through your announce line but for some reason ASTRO
>is refusing to accept this message.
>Dear List,
>I'll try posting this again as my first attempt got bounced and my second
>seems to have vanished somewhere.
>Having installed the Sky vector, I am having problems finding things with it.
>Mechanically the encoders seem to read correctly very small deviation  (0.2
>degree)from 360 by complete rotation in azimuth and using a precision
>goniometer it read 45 degree elevation when at 45 to vertical setting.
>Last night I was looking for objects at high elevation and had great
>difficulty in finding anything. Setting on Castor and then Aldebaran the
>warp was around 1 degree, about the best I could get mostly, but rotating to
>Polaris gave a warp of 3 degrees.
>Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Looking for M15 at much lower
>elevation put it right in the centre of the field, was this luck.
>I've rather wasted three good clear nights on this and would be grateful for

firstly, what scope?

secondly, make sure scope is completely vertical or completely level to
start. (as per instructions)

are you using it alt-az?

thirdly.. practice on lower elevation objects ALWAYS first if you are using
it in alt-az mode, build up to the zenith last, as it holds the highest errors

also, pick stars approx. 90 degrees apart that are not the same in alt or az.

tell us more

Thanks!   -Todd

Todd Gross
Boston Meteorologist
homepage: www.weatherman.com