(IAAC) UNSUBSCRIBING from list netastrocatalog...

    TO UNSUBSCRIBE from netastrocatalog automatically, simply send
    an email message to the FOLLOWING address (NOT netastrocatalog!):
    with the following message in the BODY (not the Subject!):
        unsubscribe netastrocatalog

    If you've done this correctly, you should receive a message
    back from majordomo within a few minutes, informing you that
    your unsubscription succeeded. [NOTE: Unsubscribing from EITHER
    netastrocatalog (observing list) OR 'netastrocatalog-announce'
    (discussion list) AUTOMATICALLY unsubscribes you from BOTH!]

    If you simply wish to receive less email, but want to continue
    keeping up with netastrocatalog, try subscribing to the DIGEST
    version instead: at most one large email per day, packed with
    all the postings from JUST the observation list for that day.
    To change your subscription to the digest, email:
    with the following in the BODY:
        unsubscribe netastrocatalog
        subscribe netastrocatalog-digest

    Note that this will unsubscribe you from the -announce list!

    If you have any questions about the lists or about MajorDomo,
    please email me directly at one of the addresses below.

    Clear skies!
    Lew Gramer