Re: (IAAC) deep-sky publications

To followup on Brent's response, there is also a fairly good "alternative" 
magazine to Sky&Telescope and Astronomy: it's called "Amateur Astronomy", and 
it's edited by the founder of Tectron Telescopes in Florida, Tom Clark. The 
nice thing about it is that its circulation is very small, and that it is 
heavily focused on deep-sky observing, (mostly) larger telescopes, and amateur 
activities. Each quarterly issue contains some real observing challenges (a la 
the old Deep Sky observing articles), as well as nice write-ups of recent Star 
Parties and other events, and some interesting equipment discussions.

My most recent gem from "AA": a gravitational lens which MAY just be visible in 
larger-aperture scopes under the darkest skies. It was pointed out to many 
observers by Stephen O'Meara (of limiting mag 8.6 fame!) at the '96 Texas Star 
Party in a 17", but there's hope that the very darkest areas outside of Texas 
might offer a view of it in slightly larger scopes too...

If anyone's interested, contact me privately and I can rustle up the 
subscription info for "Amateur Astronomy". Clear skies!