(IAAC) Retrieving old posts to 'netastrocatalog'!

Just a quick note: the complete text of all previous posts to this mailing list 
are available via email from the "digest archive", using the "index" and "get" 
features of Majordomo!

If any of you ever wish to access a previous issue of the digests, just send 
the message:
    index netastrocatalog-digest
to email address "majordomo@latrade.com". You'll get back a LOOONG list of all 
the previous digests, going back to 1996. The digests come back to you listed 
with their date of creation, and sorted chronologically.

Pick the digest number(s) from this list which you want to reread, then send 
another command:
    get netastrocatalog-digest v01.n087
to the same "majordomo" address. You'll get that digest issue back via email! 
(For instance, the example above retrieves Digest #87.)

NOTE: You may also retrieve CURRENT copies of the Web archive of observations! 
To do so, simply send the following to "majordomo@latrade.com":
    get netastrocatalog maillist.html
This sends back a listing (in *HTML format*!) of all past posts to the list. 
Pick one of interest to you (for instance, an observation of the Leo I galaxy 
cluster with a 17" dob, by Steve Gottlieb) by sending another message:
    get netastrocatalog msg00180.html

Clear skies, and happy searching!
Lew Gramer <owner-netastrocatalog@latrade.com>