Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 1788 - Inst: 13" f/5.6 Newtonian German Eq.

Hi, Steve, and thanks for the encouragement (and comments)! Having access to a 
"boilerplate" for personal info is certainly one of the big advantages of using 
email instead of the Web to enter your observations... I'm planning on building 
an "observer database" soon from our observations: with it, you'll be able to 
jump directly to a version of the entry form which has your name, a location, 
and instrumentation all filled out.

In the mean time, however, if you have multiple observing logs to enter at 
once, there *IS* a trick you can use to preserve all your information: when you 
complete your log and hit the "Submit" button, you find yourself at a "Thank 
You!" screen. Instead of clicking the "Return to the Observation form" link 
from there, just hit the "Back" button on your browser! This will take you back 
to the form you just filled in. Then you can simply delete the data from your 
last observation, and replace it with the info for the new object!

Clear skies to all, and keep your logs and comments coming!