(IAAC) Keyword Search now available for the "meteorobs" Archive

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"Meteorobs" is an email mailing list devoted to all aspects of (primarily 
amateur) meteor observing: its 220+ subscribers include representatives from 
most major national and international amateur meteor organizations, some 
professional researchers, and many of the most experienced individual amateurs 
in the world!

All postings to 'meteorobs' are archived on the World Wide Web at:

This 'meteorobs' home page now also includes a link to a "Keyword Search" form, 
which will allow you to find PARTICULAR TOPICS anywhere within the complete 
archive of nearly 7000 meteorobs postings dating back to early 1996. Keyword 
Search is available at:

This topic retrieval is also supported in email via MajorDomo.

It is hoped that this searchable archive can serve as a serious research and 
learning resource for the world Meteor Community. If you have any questions or 
suggestions about 'meteorobs', or would like to subscribe to the mailing list, 
please email me! There is also a Web form for subscribing at:

Clear skies, and many meteors!
Lew Gramer <owner-meteorobs@latrade.com>