Re: (IAAC) Introductions.

>Maybe our friend Lew could find a way to save all these
>introductions, so we can have a reference...

That *IS* a good idea, Celso! In fact, I was thinking of asking people's
permission to make a "People of IAAC" page at the Web site! Thoughts

>Presently I have a club of some 4 or five people that regularly meet
>each new moon to observe the stars.

Believe me, Celso, living where you do (within driving distance of the
Andes, below the equator), you are the envy of MANY of us on the list.
Please *do* share with us some of those observing logs you mentioned! There
are many other folks on the list who observe with smaller-aperture scopes
(me included), who would VERY much enjoy reading your observations! And
don't forget: binocular observations (or even naked-eye ones) are as
welcome as those with big scopes!

Clear skies to you, and welcome!