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At 07:18 PM 2/15/98 EST, you wrote:

>ok everyone i have a stupid quesion!  what size telescope do you think you
>need to complete the herschel list, or at least most of it?  thanks

Not a stupid question at all! I have been working on the Herschel 400 with
a 4.5" Newtonian, and an observer in California named Jay Freeman has been
doing the rest of the Herschel list with a 6" Maksutov. I believe these two
projects are the smallest apertures currently being put to use on the
respective lists.

Skies are important, though; I have great Arizona skies, and Jay observes
from a dark mountaintop. You probably won't be able to use such small
scopes in light polluted areas. It should also be mentioned that Jay and I
are both experienced observers, and patience and fortitude are definitely

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