Re: Re: (IAAC) The Herschel List

Hi Eric-
It depends... what kind of seeing conditions do you have at your viewing
location?  If you have a dark sky, a fairly small scope will give you at
least a glimpse of most of the Herschel objects.  If you have a lot of
light pollution, the larger scopes magnify the haze as well.  If you are
just getting started, I would recommend an 8" Newtonian scope (around
f/5-8) with a good assortment of eyepieces.  Get good optics and a stable
mount.  Digital or analog setting circles are handy if you are not good at

Shop around.  There's good deals on the internet, if you're interested I'll
give you e-mail addresses where you can receive announcements of used
scopes and accessories for sale.  I bought my 20" f/5 Obsession via an
internet ad.
Good luck,
Randy J. Rogers

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> Subject: Re:  Re: (IAAC) The Herschel List
> Date: Sunday, February 15, 1998 6:18 PM
> ok everyone i have a stupid quesion!  what size telescope do you think
> need to complete the herschel list, or at least most of it?  thanks
> eric williams