Re: Re: Re: Re: (IAAC) The Herschel List

wow thanks everyone,
i wasn't expecting such responce to such a question.  well guess what, once
again i have come back with another lame question.  so please forgive me.
remember i am new to astronomy and i have the 90mm.  i just don't understand
how to use the:    NGC   CON TYPE R.A.(2000) Dec    Mv     SIZE        NOTES

           891  AND  Sb  02 22.6  +42 21  11.5  14.0x3.0      edge-on with

ok well i understand that it fists lists the object number- NGC 891  but the
part that i just don't understand is how to locate it using these numbers...
(stoped laughing?)  do you need some sort of tracing thingy with your
telescope or can you do it manually?  i will understand if you want me off the
list now...  but if you have any suggestions...  thanks a lot!
eric williams