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Hello Eric
>wow thanks everyone,
>i wasn't expecting such responce to such a question.  well guess what,
>again i have come back with another lame question.  so please forgive
>remember i am new to astronomy and i have the 90mm.  i just don't
>how to use the:    NGC   CON TYPE R.A.(2000) Dec    Mv     SIZE
>           891  AND  Sb  02 22.6  +42 21  11.5  14.0x3.0      edge-on

Ok.  You figured out the NGC number.  The next column gives you the
constellation - Andromeda in this case.  Type is what type object.  We
have an Sb type spiral galaxy.  RA and DEC are the right ascension and
declination of the object.  You would use these to plot the position of
the object on a star chart.  If you don't have a star chart, get one!
For the beginner I don't think anything beats Peterson's Field Guide
Series: Stars  and Planets by Donald H. Menzel and Jay M. Pasachoff
(ISBN --395-34835-8).  It's a fabulous book that most of us still carry
around in our observing kit.  For less than $20, it's the best deal out
there.  If you don't have it.... get it TODAY!

Ok, the next field gives the approximate visual magnitude of the
object - 11.5 in this case while the next column gives the size.  14 arc
minutes by 3 arc minutes and keep in mind the diameter of the full moon
is about 30 arc minutes.  And, finally, we have some brief descriptive

And stop feeling bad about not knowing this stuff!  We all started out
not knowing the first thing about observational astronomy.  You won't
learn unless you ask questions.  The best place to ask questions is in a
list like this where people know and don't mind answering or.. even
better, find and join your local astronomy club.  Spending a night under
the stars with people who know the answers will be more helpful than
weeks of messages here.  Looking over someone's shoulder as they use
star charts, star hop to a new object and find it would bring you up to
speed quickly.  Check out www.skypub.com and see if there is an
astronomy club in your area.

Eric Greene                        erg@america.net
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