(IAAC) SAC observing lists

Someone mentioned the Saguaro Astronomy Club lists and being one
of the compilers, I would like to post a short "commercial" for
the lists, in the hope some of you will be interrested.

The SAC site contains a variety of data bases and short informative
lists on a wide variety of objects to observe in your telescope.

If you are a somewhat adept computer user then the databases,
one of deep sky objects and one of double stars, contain over
10,000 objects and are searchable in a variety of forms.

The lists are just simple ASCII text files that can be used in
any editor or word processor.  There are lists of:  Messier,
Best 110 NGC, Best Double Stars, Best objects beyond the NGC,
Caldwell List, Wide Field objects and a couple of others I
don't recall right now.

So, here's hoping you find something useful from the SAC
info, all free, just say thank you, please.

The site is at:  www.psiaz.com/sac/home.htm

(I really must learn how to make a link in Netscape)