Re: Finding objects! (was Re: (IAAC) The Herschel List)

You're right, Jonathan: nothing can be more disorienting than being out under a 
crystal-clear, pitch-black sky for the first time in months... But what a 
WONDEFUL feeling of disorientation! :)

By the way, it may be worth mentioning something else about star-hopping: the 
hopping techniques you use probably will depend on your sky conditions! For 
instance, under extremely bright skies (or with a smaller scope), I find that 
"aiming" the scope with a Telrad (i.e., a "gun-sight" pointer), then doing 
wide-field eyepiece sweeps usually picks up any star pattern I'm trying to hop 
to, But under darker skies (and/or larger apertures), having a finder as well 
as the Telrad and Panoptic eyepiece can be very handy!

In the end, I guess I use a combination of finder, Telrad, and eyepiece hopping 
techniques with my dobsonian - and a completely different set of techniques 
(involving distinct north-south and east-west motions) when I'm using an 
equatorial mount!

What star-hopping variations do more advanced observers out there use?

Clear skies,

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