Re: (IAAC) DSO observers software (long)

> Lew Gramer wrote:
> > The software I personally recommend is 'dObjects', by Jeff Bondono.
> Where can I get it?

I knew that would come up! :) See my last message, Randy.

> > Jeff, Sue, and any other IAAC subscribers are WELCOME to join
> > 'astrolog'...
> How do I subscribe?

Just ask me. Or send email to "majordomo@latrade.com" from the account you want 
subscribed, with these lines in the email's BODY (not the Subject):
        subscribe astrolog

Again, the list is dormant right now, but I'd love to see it heat back up again 
with some new user input. Who knows, maybe we'd actually come up with a format 
we could all agree on somehow... :)

Clear skies,