Re: (IAAC) Obj: M 83 - Inst: 36" f/5 Dobsonian

Steve Coe wrote:
> I was fortunate enough to befriend Tom & Jeannie Clark some years
> ago by writing an article for Amateur Astronomy magazine. <plug>

I'm an avid reader of Amateur Astronomy, too, Steve - even *before* they 
started publishing some of the observations from IAAC. ;>>

Tom has done a great job keeping his publication focused on the amateur 
perspective, and free of "advertiser editorializing", I think. I always arch an 
eyebrow when I see one of the Big Two magazines run an equipment review of a 
(Meade|Celestron|TeleVue|whatever) product, and then flip the page to find a 
full two-page ad by that same vendor.

Tom runs some of the same ads, but he sure has his own point of view. :) By the 
way, for those interested, "Amateur Astronomy" now has a Web site:

Clear skies,