(IAAC) FWD: "Science & Art Products"

Well, normally I just ignore Spam when it gets bounced to me: but in this 
unusual case, the advertisement actually claims to be astronomy related! I know 
NOTHING about this firm, but thought they may be of interest to some...

I did learn ONE thing from their site: apparently, the faint nebula IC 2177 
(aka Gum 2) in CMa is known by some as the "Seagull Nebula". :)

Clear skies, and caveat emptor!

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Date: Tue, 17 Mar 1998 15:09:37 -0800 (PST)
From: fletcher@scienceandart.com
To: netastrocatalog@latrade.com
Subject: Astronomy

Dear Astronomy Enthusiast,

Here on the internet is a web site created just for you.  Science & Art
Products, located at  http://www.scienceandart.com  , has much for you to see!
There is an internet store full of unique astronomy products such as
Posters, Greeting Cards, Magnets, Photo Bookmarks, Slide Sets,
Children's Picture Book, Original Photographic Prints - all with astronomy 
and nature themes.  All are high quality products and have very reasonable 

There is also an extensive photo gallery showing some of the sharpest
and most colorful "tri-color" astronomy photography available - from
"Comets & Galaxies to Nebulae & Star Clusters".  Enjoy a leisurely
stroll through the gallery while reading interesting and informative
descriptions of the photos.  The photos are also available for purchase
in serveral sizes - unframed or framed.

Just click the highlighted link in this letter to give us a visit.   We
celebrate the awesome wonders of the universe . . . COME JOIN US!

Wholesale/dealer inqueries also welcome!

Science & Art Products
24861 Rotunde Mesa,  Malibu,  CA  90265
(310) 456-2496    fax (310) 456-0728
order line:  (800) 356-1733
web site:  http://www.scienceandart.com
e-mail:  fletcher@scienceandart.com

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